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George Spilka and Associates
Investment Bankers & Acquisition Consultants

"I would hate to have to negotiate against you."

Former Clients Speak
"You worked long and hard to obtain an all-cash deal that provided my brother, sister and I outstanding protection in the reps and warranties area. I have been told that the price we received is probably unmatched in my industry. Our deal took over 4 months between the Letter of Intent and Closing. There were at least five dealbreakers encountered during that time. In every one, you were able to sustain our position and in a few we actually improved our deal from our initial expectations. The determination and force of your will that you applied to pressure the largest international foodservice distributor to agree to your terms and conditions was impressive."

Bob Facciola, ex-president and CEO
Facciola Meat Company
Fremont, California


"I would hate to have to negotiate against you."

Ron Janke, ex-President
Tradesman Tool Company and Castalloy Corporation

Waukesha, WI


"You sure looked good on our side of the negotiating table."


Mike Shain, ex-President
Leon Shain Company

Greenville, SC


"When we first retained your firm, I was concerned about the financial commitment required prior to closing. As the deal progressed, your services were invaluable and you became the indispensable leader of our team. It became apparent your skills and knowledge warranted this type of compensation. I can't imagine you have a peer in your field."

Former President
Distribution Company
Located on the Pacific Coast


"I must say that I do not believe anyone other than George Spilka and Associates could have kept us (the Shareholders) in harmony and carried us through to the completion of the sale of Goff Corporation. You addressed the needs of each of the owners and had a keen understanding of our individual motives and interests. I'm impressed that we established a selling price on our company which reflected pride of ownership. We got what we wanted! Your negotiating skills are enviable."


A. Charles Prucha, ex-President
Goff Corporation
Seminole, OK


"I wanted to acknowledge how impressed I am with your passionate and sincere commitment to representing the Shareholders' interests. In this age of "Wall Street" merger and acquisition methodology, you have a refreshing approach that speaks volumes to your integrity and professionalism."


Current President
Plumbing and PVF Distributor
Located in the Midwest


"I have been asked by several people. "Was Spilka worth the costs?" The answer is "worth every cent and more." Your knowledge, professionalism and determination truly make you one of a kind; you never lost sight of the objective and stayed cool during the entire time from our first phone call to closing."


Bill Berebitsky, ex-president
Golden State Steel Company
Galt, CA


"George Spilka & Associates proved to have elegant capabilities. Your valuation of my Company was accurate. You conducted and directed all negotiations and very competently interfaced with lawyers and accountants. George Spilka & Associates provided good advice and guidance even when proceeding on a matter at my direction and contrary to your recommendation."


Milton Freidman, ex-President
Emgio Products Corporation
Johnstown, PA


"Recent events at Emglo brought you to mind. The sale of Emglo by the Swiss company that you sold the company to was handled by a major international bank's investment banking department. Their approach was certainly a learning experience for me. It represented a contrast between your successful focused approach and a slick ad-contained scenario. Emglo recently sold for 20% less in spite of the fact we had grown the company and acquired an additional operating company, since the initial transaction that you handled. The recent company sale reminded me that the product isn't everything. Emglo was bigger and stronger than when you sold it, yet sold for less. The proper choice of advisors is a critical factor."


Jerry Fetter, President
Emglo Products Corporation
Johnstown, PA


"Although the sale took longer than expected, it gave me an opportunity to witness your tenacity in completing the transaction at the original valuation price you set. The period of time spent negotiating reps, warranties and indemnifications was essential to assure my protection against post-closing issues. Only later did I find out how important those guarantees were. Even after the final closing and payment of your transaction fee, you provided many hours of advice on post-closing issues free of charge. My sincere thanks for a job well done."


Norman J. Freund, ex-President
Automotive Safety Inc.
Elizabeth, NJ


"It was exciting when I found out that you not only wanted to know my business, but you wanted to get to know me and my needs, so that the potential sale could be coordinated to meet my family's goals. You arrived at a recommended sale price 16% above what I thought the company was worth. I am happy to say that you not only justified this price to the potential purchasers, but you were able to convince them to pay a premium for my company. You seem to have the unusual ability to evaluate the problem, motivate the participants and solve the highly complicated matters that were always coming up with the acquisition."


Ray Debenham, ex-CEO
Debenham Electric Supply Company
Anchorage, AK


"We have purchased and sold approximately eight companies over the years and each time we have used an intermediary. Never have we worked with someone who brings to this process your level of discipline and dedication to know everything there is to know about the Company, its industry, etc."


Michael J. Feldman, Exec. Vice President
Underhill Resources, Inc.
New York, NY


"I had my doubts that you, or anyone else for that matter, could accomplish our objectives, but I did not reckon with the "Bull Dog Drummond" aspect of your being. You simply do not give up! Tenacious you are as you sally forth without trepidation or hesitation toward your one goal. You succeeded for us overcoming all obstacles and personalities. I am pleased by the results and infinitely glad we chose you."


Emri L. Stidham Jr., ex-President
Creative Manufacturers, Inc.

Memphis, TN


"From the beginning to the end of the process, your strong personality and the force of your will kept the process moving and on focus. The selling price exceeded my expectations and you obtained an all-cash deal. Substantial protection was obtained for our key employees from any post-closing changes the buyer might want to make."


Peter Giles, Former Owner
Selig Sealing Products Inc.
Forrest, Illinois


"We were surprised at the number and variety of interested suitors that you produced."


Daniel P. Doyle, ex-President
Brakewell Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Chester, NY



George Spilka and Associates

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