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George Spilka and Associates
Investment Bankers & Acquisition Consultants

"It is in satisfying our clients' interests that ours are fulfilled."

Mission Statement

George Spilka and Associates (GS&A) is dedicated to providing middle market clients the highest quality investment banking and acquisition advisory services available in the industry. We bring a unique package of negotiating, strategic and financial skills to our clients. These skills have been developed and honed over 30 years of deal making. They enable us to maximize our clients’ interests, thereby achieving our goal.

GS&A provides the most thorough, comprehensive acquisition process to the middle market. It is personalized and tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each client.

GS&A believes the representations, warranties and indemnifications are as important as the transaction price itself. Consequently, we are the only investment banking firm that controls all aspects and negotiations related to these issues. The end result is that in over 30 years of doing deals, not one of our clients has ever lost a post-closing issue or lawsuit.

GS&A’s objective is to close a deal only after a premium price has been obtained. This will be at our valuation price, which has been approved by the client, or higher. GS&A doesn't "let the market" educate our clients about value, as many firms do. When we value a company, we obtain that price.

A client’s goals are not attained by telling them what they want to hear, or massaging their ego. Instead, their goals are realized by having a sophisticated, strong and persuasive investment banker that explains reality to them and then obtains an aggressive premium price. If the client’s perception of reality interferes with getting them a premium price, we have the experience and resolve to counsel and guide them to pursue the most appropriate course. This is how we serve our clients.

No firm does more deals or more all-cash deals per person than GS&A (92% of deals closed since 1988 have been for all-cash). Compare our performance to any other firm and see how it matches up. Compare us to our competitors from the perspective of former clients. See if any other firm's clients feel as strongly about the quality of the investment banking services received or their advisor’s fervent dedication to the protection of their interests as those of GS&A. Then decide if the words set forth in this Mission Statement are "hollow words" or in fact are our actual "plan of action".

It is in satisfying our clients' interests that ours are fulfilled.


George Spilka and Associates

Email: spilka@georgespilka.com

Phone: 412.486.8189