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George Spilka and Associates
Investment Bankers & Acquisition Consultants

"Dedicated to providing the highest quality investment banking services to the middle market "

Published Articles of George Spilka

If Selling Is In Your Future - Move Quickly 2012

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The Optimum Time to Sell Your Company - -Late 2011 or 2012 - -How to Obtain a Premium Price   (2003) Seven Critical Rules
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(8-15-2007) Acquisition Pricing Strategy Considering Current Credit Market Conditions   (2000) Negotiating An Acquisition - 9 Key Points That Assure Success
(5-15-2007) Selling Your Company At A Premium Price During A Recession   (1999) Great Price Article
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(2006) The Critical Element for Success   (1995) Psychological War Article 
(2005) Selling Your Company – Removing The Obstacles To Success   (1993) Ten Cardinal Rules For Successfully Selling Your Company  
(2004) 6 Common Pitfalls    (1992) How To Obtain A Premium Price For Your Company Under Any Economic Condition  
(2004) Successfully Selling Your Company: The Necessary Ingredients   (1988) Selling Your Company - Critical Decision 

Our articles on acquisitions and exit strategy planning have appeared in over 100 trade and business magazines.


George Spilka and Associates

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